Yoga Poses For Golf Performance

Golf is a major sport in which people of all ages can participate. Indeed, it is a leisurely activity that helps you unwind after a hard day’s work or during a weekend. However, for the golf swing, stability and flexibility of the hips and spine are essential. Golfers generally swing with one side of the body, due to which their muscles tend to develop unevenly. This is where yoga can help.

Yoga has certain poses that can increase strength and flexibility in all areas of the body. Essentially, these poses aim to strengthen parts of the body such as the lower back, hamstrings, and spine that are critical to your golf swing.

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, check out these yoga poses for golfers that can boost your performance on the golf course:

Revolved Crescent Lunge

This pose involves rotation of the spine, a hip flexor stretch on the straight leg, and a deep stretch of the outer hip of the bent leg.

How to Achieve the Pose:

  1. Stand in mountain pose with your feet together.
  2. Thrust your right foot forward such that your right knee is directly over your right ankle. Your right shin should be at a perpendicular angle to the ground.
  3. Balancing your body on the ball of the left foot, press the left leg straight. Fold your hands close to your heart, twist from the waist, and hook the left triceps on the outside of your right thigh, such that you can look up over your right shoulder.
  4. Make sure to keep your spine stretched and chest lifted from your thigh. Keep your palms pressed. Maintain this pose for half a minute and then repeat on the other side.


  • Improves flexibility of the hips, which helps in swinging the body during golf
  • Strengthens the spine, which helps ease repeated spinal rotations that golfers undergo

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Among the best yoga poses for golfers, the Half Lord of the Fishes is especially useful as it not only relieves cramps but also helps bring an equilibrium to the body and mind.

How to Achieve the Pose:

  1. Sit straight with both legs stretched out in front of you. Ensure that you are sitting evenly.
  2. Bend your left knee and put your foot on the ground on the outside of your right thigh.
  3. Put your left hand on the ground behind you, as close to the back as possible.
  4. Take a deep breath and reach out your right arm. Then, exhale and twist your body to the left from the waist.
  5. Thrust your elbow on the outside of the left quadriceps and look over your left shoulder. Maintain the pose for one minute before switching to the other side.


  • Develops balance between the left and the right sides of the body that helps maintain posture while on the golf course
  • Rejuvenates the spine, which is important for flexibility in playing golf
  • Opens up the chest and torso, helping one to breathe freely at the time of the golf swing
  • Relaxes tight hips that makes body movements flexible during golf

Bird Dog or Kneeling Balance Pose

This pose helps strengthen your arm muscles and lower spine, which is essential for golf. Therefore, it’s one of the most beneficial yoga exercises golf amateurs and pros can implement into their golf fitness routines.

How to Achieve the Pose:

  1. Start with your hands and knees pressed to the floor. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders and your fingers are spread properly to prevent your weight from sinking into your wrists. Similarly, ensure that your knees are placed directly beneath your hips.
  2. Keep your back flat and draw your navel into the spine.
  3. Extend your right leg behind you and at the same time, extend your left arm in front of you.
  4. Extend your left arm straight out in front of you as you simultaneously extend your right leg behind you.
  5. Maintain the pose for two full breaths before repeating it on the opposite side. It is optimal to do ten repetitions on each side.


  • Increases muscle strength, thereby enhancing stamina during the game of golf
  • Improves balance and coordination of the body, which promotes swift movement while playing golf

Rishi’s Posture

Your list of poses for golf flexibility is incomplete without Rishi’s Posture, which is a standing position that greatly helps in the flexibility of movement.

How to Achieve the Pose:

  1. Inhale deeply from a standing position and then, exhale slowly. As you exhale, bend forward from the hips and put the left hand down the inside of the left leg.
  2. Keeping your elbow straight, raise your right hand upwards such that it points toward the sky. Make sure that your gaze follows your hand as you lift it. Maintain a grip on your ankle with the left hand.
  3. Hold this pose for half a minute and then, take a deep breath. Straighten your body slowly and cautiously to an upright position before repeating it on the opposite side.


  • Improves movement of the spine and back, which helps in the golf swing
  • Enhances flexibility of the body, making way for swift movements during golf
  • Narrows the waist, which eases rotation at the time of the swing
  • Helps maintain body balance that promotes good posture during golf

By practicing yoga for golfers, you can enrich your mind and body to the utmost and ace it on the golf course. So, what are you waiting for? To master those yoga postures, get in touch with us today!


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