Introduction and Relevance 

Two very important factors in our quest towards becoming a better golfer are posture and alignment. With a bit of practice and our valuable, advice you’ll be able to discover how to improve your posture and alignment in order to become a better golfer. But just how important is proper golf posture and alignment when it comes to improving our game?

Golfers who are able to simplify their swing will almost immediately notice a positive effect in their game. Being able to simplify your swing will depend greatly on having correct posture when it comes to taking that swing. In fact, if your body is positioned at the right angle from the beginning of the swing, it will be much easier for you to build swing consistency. One of the vital steps when it comes to building a consistent swing is having the correct foundation when it comes to starting you backswing.

Can Yoga help me Improve My Posture and My Swing?

If you are looking to transform your golf game and your life using the teachings of yoga, you will be happy to know that yoga can help you fix your alignment and posture. Yoga does this by promoting healthy posture habits and exercises that can help you fix the damaging effects of bad posture which can result from things such as desk jobs, slouching over and other bad habits that we tend to adopt. Fixing your posture with yoga will require the help of an instructor who can help you to emphasize poses that open your shoulders and chest as well as poses that will allow you to bend your back and help you get a feel of what correct posture feels like.


As we have stated before, in order to be able to completely reach your full potential as a golfer, you need to develop and work on both aspects of your game; the physical aspect which includes strength, stability, balance, posture and alignment as well as the mental aspect of your game. Some of these mental attributes include coordination, the ability to perform under pressure, concentration, determination and awareness.


As with the physical aspect of your game, your mental skills can also be improved with the aid of yoga. But how can this help improve your posture and alignment? Posture is a habit that can be developed with the help of strength training, flexibility training and good habits. This is why yoga plays such an important role when it comes to maintaining good posture; yoga can help you develop your strength, it can help you develop your flexibility and it can help you develop and maintain good posture and alignment habits.


One of the most immediate benefits of yoga is strength. You will generally notice increased strength in all the muscles of your body, especially the muscles in your core. These muscles include the transversus abdominis, the multifidus, the obliques, the pelvic floor muscles, the longissimus thoracic, the diaphragm and the erector spinae. All these muscles are in charge of maintaining proper posture in the body and are major contributors towards explosiveness and strength, two attributes that golfers rely on when it comes to having an accurate, powerful swing.


It is important to realize that these muscles play a vital role as isometric and dynamic stabilizers for explosive movements and also play an important role when it comes to transferring force from one arm to the other. If we consider the importance of core muscles when it comes to having a powerful swing and transferring force to the extremities, it is easy to understand how our core depth affects functional movement. Yoga has been for many years, one of the best way to develop and train the muscles in your core.


Despite the fact that “core strength” has acquired buzzword status in recent times, it is a fact that core strength plays an extremely important role for golfers and their swing. As you may have noticed already, a lot of the poses we do in yoga on a regular basis strengthen the core. This strength comes from supporting our bodyweight in various positions; whether it is upside down, sideways, face up on the floor or face down. By holding our body in a position that defies gravity, we are relying in our muscles in order to provide the strength needed to hold our bodies in this position.


If you are trying to improve your posture and your alignment through the teachings of yoga, there are several poses that you can consider doing on a regular basis, for example the Cobra Pose is perfect for building up the muscles on the back as well as opening up the chest. If this is your first time doing this pose, you should try by firmly placing your hands on the mat right in front of you. Slowly bring your arms perpendicular to the ground and extend into a full cobra by bringing your shoulders away from your head while resting our pelvis on the mat.


Why Is Alignment Important For Golfers

When it comes to alignment, any casual golfer will be able to tell you that one of the most basic concepts to achieving success is lining yourself correctly on the course. However, this is one of those things that most golfers think they are doing right, when in reality there are major issues to be ironed out. The most common scenario when it comes to bad alignment habits comes from simply failing to check your alignment on a consistent basis, thus giving bad habits an opportunity to develop over an extended period of time.

It is important to remember that golfers who are trying to develop a consistent swing will need to be careful with their alignment. For example, one of the most basic tips is to remember that your shoulders, your knees and your hips need to be in line, parallel to your feet. One of the best ways to work on this is to have a friend hold a club across your hips and your shoulders while you are setting up your swing. But if you are looking to improve your overall alignment, you should seriously consider adding yoga to your training regime.

In yoga, the term “alignment” is generally used to talk about the correct way in which a pose should be done. In golf, this term is generally used to refer to your position prior to the swing, and regardless of whether you are trying to align yourself for a pose or a swing, you should know that there are several differences in the human body that can make proper alignment easier or more difficult, depending on what we’re striving for. However, it is possible to follow a very basic set of guidelines before finding out what works best for you.

Remember that proper alignment is not a matter of aesthetics but a matter of performance and efficiency. Those looking to improve their performance on the golf course will be happy to know that alignment can be enhanced through a regular yoga routine due to the fact that yoga itself depends on proper alignment. If we think about what proper alignment looks like, most of us have been led to believe that it is simply a matter of having the ankle, hip and shoulder joint in a straight line. But what most people tend to neglect as well is the fact that the ear canal plays a very important role in alignment and proper alignment should always take the center of the ear canal into consideration.

If proper alignment is achieved when doing poses, then it is far more likely that you will notice the effects of yoga in your golf game. Keep in mind that correct posture and alignment in yoga will develop your sense of equilibrium and help you improve your balance through consistent practice. Having proper alignment and good posture in the body can also help maintain the natural curvature of the spine. This brings a large number of benefits to golfers as it will lower the risk of lower-back injuries, it will speed up recovery, it will improve your swing positioning and strength and it will help you develop a consistent swing.

Remember the importance of the body’s natural curves! A small curvature in the spine can be extremely harmful for a golfer and a large curvature can be equally as destructive. When it comes to positioning yourself to take your swing, you need to be aware of the fundamentals of positioning and posture. In order for your body to move in an efficient way, you need to be correctly balanced with your body distributed equally amongst both feet, hips should be pushed back and the spine should have a medium curvature in order to help stability. Remember that the best way to improve your game is to work on making your swing more efficient and more powerful. Having the correct positioning and the correct posture will go a long ways towards your overall success in the golf course.

When we talk about how yoga can improve your golf game, it is important to keep in mind that a more powerful and efficient swing relies on a perfect balance of power and stability. This balance can easily be achieved through yoga due to the fact that yoga helps golfers harness their potential to combine these two elements. But in order for it to work and improve your game, you need to master the basics first.

As we have made it clear before, one of these basic concepts is alignment. We have already described what alignment is and how it is important for golfers and yogis alike. According to an article on by John Hughes, “Over 95% of all “swing flaws” are traceable to a set-up position.” What does this mean for the average golfer trying to improve their game? Believe it or not, having the correct alignment can make the difference when it comes to taking your golf game to the next level. Golfers of all levels can benefit from following the teachings of yoga applied to their golf game; from beginners to pros.


What Can I Expect and How Soon Will I See Results?

The answer to both of these questions will depend on a lot of factors. But it all ultimately boils down to how much work you are willing to put in. We are not saying that you will notice a drastic overnight improvement on your swing and your game and we are definitely not saying that you’ll be winning any majors soon (but if you do, make sure to drop our name in the interviews). But if you are willing to put in the work, we can guarantee that yoga can help you harness the power and the technique needed to become the best golfer you can be.

One of the most obvious improvements you will notice is an increased level of physical well-being and the mental clarity needed to make the best possible shots. As we have stated before, proper posture and alignment are habits that need to be worked on consistently.


In closing, proper alignment is not something that is naturally developed by human beings. Proper alignment needs to be taught and then developed over an extended period of time. Posture is the complete opposite; good posture is an innate trait that we usually neglect due to the fact that it is simply easier to slouch over our computers and desktops. But what most of us fail to realize is that having incorrect posture will not only affect our golf game, but it will also affect the quality of our life, the quality of our sleep and our overall health. However, you can rest assured that with our help and a bit of work you’ll learn better posture, alignment, and become the best golfer you can be.