Transformation Of The Modern Day Golfer

People often make the assumption that golf doesn’t require a lot of athleticism. However, not only is this simply untrue, but it greatly underestimates golfers and their abilities. The level of physical and mental concentration required for each golf swing has become apparent over the last few decades and the notion that golfers are not athletes is quickly becoming obsolete.

Golfers work extremely hard to hone their craft, and they do so using different methods to focus their athleticism on various portions of their golf game. In fact, many golfers have begun to see the benefits of doing yoga and have begun to incorporate yoga techniques into their workout routines.

Yoga for Physical Improvements

Yoga takes a lot of physical strength in order to perform it well. It forces you to focus on one muscle group at a time as you perform the various movements. For golfers, the main area that yoga will help to strengthen is the core. Core muscles are extremely important to any golfer’s swing. They provide power and precision for your swing that allows you to improve your golf game immensely.

Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular and accepted as a method to improve an athlete’s game because of its ability to hone in on different areas of the body. Jordan Spieth, winner of the Masters in 2015, demonstrated his ability to concentrate on his body’s movements specifically with his lower back movement and hip rotation. These two areas are keys to ensuring an optimally fluid and powerful swing. Yoga gives you the opportunity to enhance these areas while reducing your risk to knee and lower back injuries.

Professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth are also very prone to injuries if they do not learn to practice properly. The muscles surrounding joints need to be in top condition in order to prevent the joints from becoming inflamed or injured. Knee injuries or back problems tend to be associated with golf because of the movements required for the game.

The rotation of the body during a golf swing can irritate your joints, which is why it is important to work those muscles and joints with yoga. Yoga provides you with the opportunity to stretch and strengthen the muscles surrounding your back and knees by concentrating on solely those muscle groups. There are various yoga poses that will allow you to focus your attention on your problem areas. These yoga positions can be added to any existing exercise regimen and should be used in order to heal current injuries as well as prevent future ones from occurring.

Yoga Pose: Half Child’s Pose with Internal Hip Rotation

It is important that you find some yoga positions that will help you to prevent injury or pain. Half child’s pose with internal hip rotation is a great way to train your internal hip rotation, strengthen and stabilize your lower back muscles, stretch your upper back and shoulders and provides ankle stability.

First, you will want to begin on all fours with your hips directly over your knees and your shoulders directly above your wrists. Use your core muscles to stabilize and straighten your lower back. Move your right leg straight out to the side with your toes pointing forward and the sole of your foot pointing down. Exhale as you sit back toward your heels as far as you can without introducing any pain. Inhale as you bring your body back to the starting position. Make sure the rotation comes from your hips when you bring your leg back to the starting position. It is the only way to ensure that the exercise is doing what it supposed to be doing. Repeat the movement for five reps on each leg.

It is important that you concentrate on making sure that your hip muscles are the ones engaging in this exercise rather than your knees or ankles. This level of mental concentration will also help you with your golf game, allowing you to focus on one thing while everything else fades into the background.

Yoga Pose: Sphinx

Another yoga pose that will improve your physical wellbeing is the Sphinx. This pose promotes correct mid-back extension, strengthens your shoulders, opens your front shoulders and chest and lengthens the lower back.

To do this pose, you will begin lying face down on your forearms. You will want your elbows to be directly below your shoulders in order for optimum results. Exhale as you press down through your forearms like you are trying to guide your stomach through your arms as you create length in your lower back. Simultaneously, you will want to move your shoulder blades down to your waist. This will work your mid-back muscles, which are essential for thoracic spine extension. It will also constrain your upper back, chest and neck muscles from preventing mobility and flexibility. Hold this position for three long breaths, rest and then do it again for three more repetitions.

Yoga Pose: Twisting Chair

A third yoga pose that will help you to improve your physical golf game is called the Twisting Chair. It promotes thoracic spine rotation and shoulder function, stabilizes your lower back, engaes your glutes, promotes ankle stability and strengthens your groin muscles, core and legs.

To begin, stand with your feet together toes touching and heels spaced apart. Exhale as you sit back into a squat position with your quads parallel to the floor. Inhale as you hold the position and make sure that your back does not arch. Exhale as you rotate from your mid-back to place your elbow to the opposite leg. Keep your hips and lower back stable as you rotate. Inhale as you use your bottom elbow for support as you reach your top elbow upward, pulling your hands toward the center of the chest. Exhale as you drop your shoulder blades down your back. Hold the twist for two more breaths. Repeat on opposite side.


Yoga is essential for anyone who is looking to improve their golf game. It allows you to concentrate on one portion of your body at a time, which enhances concentration. It also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. This will go a long way to preventing injury as well as maintaining a good golf game.