Preventing Golf Injuries

There are few things that professional golfers fear more than injuries. If your entire career depends on how healthy you are, then getting hurt can seem like the end of the world. What’s worse is that these injuries often bleed over into your life outside of golf. In the case of golfers, the common injuries that people face are very preventable if you think a little bit outside the box.

If you want some insurance for a healthy golf game, it would be beneficial to take up yoga. Although, for many golfers yoga may seem an unorthodox form of working out, there are many great benefits that come along with it and many of its values share various commonalities with the sport of golf.

Increasing your flexibility, increasing your strength, getting your body and mind to practice relaxation and focus, realigning your body from unbalances caused by the force of your swing, and teaching proper breathing patterns are just a few examples of the many benefits of yoga.

There is a lot that goes into keeping a golfer healthy and preventing injury. Preventing injury is about doing what you can off the green to ensure that your body can handle the stress you’re putting on it. This includes both diet and exercise. With that being said, let’s take a look below at some of the benefits yoga provides specifically when it comes to injury prevention.


The Benefits Of Yoga For Preventing Injury

In golf, just like in any sport, repetitive motions are the keys to a good game. Making sure that your swings and strokes are consistent is how you keep your abilities in peak conditions. However, these repetitive motions can also take a toll on your body. They can cause stiffness and pain from overuse. That’s why it is important to increase your flexibility and your body’s ability to handle these movements.

Yoga is a great way to help golfers improve their game and prevent injury. By incorporating yoga poses in your pre and post-game stretches, you will be able to improve your body’s flexibility and ability to withstand pain.

Your body only works as well as its individual parts. If one thing is out of whack, then your body will compensate by using other parts of your body. This can drastically affect your golf game because it can lead to inconsistent swings. Yoga works to align and acclimate your body to more effective movements.


Real World Case Study:

Take pro-golfer Bob Garza, for example. According to an article by Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, he uses Bikram yoga in order to improve his game and also protect his back from injury.

Garza appreciates how yoga can help improve one’s body holistically, so he works to improve parts of his body that will in turn, translate to improving his golf game as well as preventing his back from getting hurt in the process.

Garza used to have sciatic nerve problems because of how often he played golf, but since he started yoga, the injury doesn’t flare up nearly as often or as badly as it once did. For Garza, yoga helped to improve the flexibility of his hamstrings, which directly impacted his lower back. Because he was having hamstring problems, his lower back was overcompensating during his swing, resulting in pain. Yoga helped him to stretch out his hamstrings and allowed his back to continue to work as it should.

In addition, yoga helps you to strengthen your core muscles. Core muscles are involved in every golf swing. They allow you to control the movement and power of your swing to give it a faster and more consistent result. Strengthening the core muscles will allow you to have a better golf swing and it will also give you the ability to protect your back from further irritation. Having a stronger core means your posture improves, taking pressure off your back.

Yoga is the best way to improve your flexibility and strengthen your core to allow for less injury during your golf game.

In addition to back problems, there are other common injuries golfers can endure. Wrist and forearm issues, shoulder pain, tight hips and knee pains are all problems that golfers can have from overuse or overcompensation. Yoga works to realign your body and increase flexibility. By realigning your body, you can be sure that everything is working together in the way that each part is supposed to be working. By increasing your flexibility, you can prevent future pain and injury from occurring.



Golfing consists of many repetitive motions that can be harmful to your body if done incorrectly. Roughly 30 percent of professional golfers play injured, and they do so unnecessarily. If they were to take precautions before they felt the pain creeping up on them, then the chances of them having to play injured would be diminished.

Yoga will improve your golf game and seriously lessen your chance of injury. By incorporating yoga stretches into your daily routine, you will prevent common injuries, like back and shoulder problems, and pain in other areas of your body from occurring while you golf. Your health is important and you can’t golf without it, so do yourself and your game a favor by taking your health seriously before it’s too late.