yoga for golfersThe Golf Buddha is a website that incorporates the teaching and use of yoga and meditation in order to help golfers gain a competitive advantage both through their game and their health. This website aims to show golfers why yoga, meditation and golf go hand in hand and how you can use scientifically proven techniques to help take your game and your health to the next level. Specifically you will learn ways to increase flexibility, increase swing speed, develop core strength, become more consistent, increase your focus, minimize injury and much more.


Golf is a sport that requires incredible balance, precision, consistency, and concentration. It requires golfers to be relaxed both in the mind and in the body in order to achieve that perfect balance. The Golf Buddha is here to teach you why yoga and meditation techniques will benefit you and your game and bridge the gap between your body and your mind. Apart from learning why something is important, you will learn how to do it and the best way to take action and start implementing what you learned.


The Golf Buddha is a place where apart from learning you are a part of the community. A place where like minded golfers looking for an edge can come to share ideas, make new connections and continue to learn and spread the word of the benefits and parallels of golf, yoga, and meditation.


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