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If you are looking to become a better and healthier golfer, this is the place for you. This page contains the information you need to familiarize yourself with the concept behind The Golf Buddha and how it will directly benefit you and your game. Just like starting anything new, success does not happen over night, but with the right information, consistent practice, and implementation, we guarantee you quality results.

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How Yoga Specifically Benefits Your Golf Game:

Yoga loosens up the muscles and makes them more dynamic and flexible. A golfers swing is a blend of stability and power, and yoga is able to help golfers harness and combine these two elements in a positive and more effective way. It will also help with balance, allowing for an extremely precise golf swing that remains consistent throughout your game.


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How Meditation Specifically Benefits Your Golf Game:

Meditation teaches techniques for relaxing the mind in any and all situations and it allows you to reach extreme levels of focus and clarity. When a golfer’s mind becomes too preoccupied with thoughts of the game or outside influences, it can negatively affect the outcome of his/her score along with his/her state of mind and temperament. Calming the mind of thought and influence is extremely beneficial for the improvement of a golfer’s game.


What To Expect:

Expect a whole new level of physical health and mental clarity for a better golf game. Please also expect that success will not happen overnight. Just like exercising or learning something new, it takes some time to progress. Both yoga and meditation are exercises (one for your body and one for your mind) and should be treated as such with realistic expectations and time frames.


What The Golf Buddha Is NOT:

The Golf Buddha is NOT a doctor or medical practitioner. The articles and information on this website should not be used as a basis for diagnosing or treating. If you have a serious injury or illness then you should consult a qualified healthcare professional.


We Appreciate YOU!

Here at The Golf Buddha we look forward to helping you along your journey to lower scores, consistent golf, and overall health and happiness. We will continue to provide our community with quality information, products, and actionable methods to becoming better golfers and healthier individuals (both physically and mentally). Your opinions and ideas are EXTREMLEY important to us and we encourage you to provide feedback so we can continue to make you our number one priority.


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