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The Golf Buddha Teaches Golfers To:

Develop a more creative game

Become more flexible

Rid yourself of bad habits and mental clutter

Gain physical strength and maintain flexibility

Learn to become calm and composed in order to thrive under pressure

Increase distance, power, endurance & energy

Learn to dismantle stress and alleviate pressure

Transform your golf game and your life with SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN techniques

Making The Connection: Yoga For Golf & Meditation For Golf

Golf is considered and referred to everyone as “the mental sport.” This means in order to reach your full potential as a golfer, you must practice both aspects of your game; the physical aspect and the mental aspect. The Golf Buddha is here to help you golf beyond your potential and teach you techniques that will transcend golf and benefit your life overall. The Golf Buddha teaches yoga for golfers and meditation for golfers in order to achieve peak performance and consistent play.


Through proven techniques of yoga and meditation specific to golfers, this site will explore the science behind what many pro golfers already know and practice. You will find effective, actionable, and unconventional ways to work on the part of your game that is not getting enough practice and being overlooked by the majority.

Practicing yoga & meditation techniques can dramatically improve your golf game.

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